illbruck ME241 EPDM Corners

3D corners moulded from EPDM for use in conjunction with illbruck membranes

illbruck ME241 EPDM Corners provide a high performance seal for the corners of the perimeter joint between the window/curtain wall and the backing wall, especially for projecting windows. The linear membranes to the perimeter of the window can be sealed in a robust manner, avoiding the complexity of multiple cutting and folding of the membranes. Suitable for use in conjunction with illbruck ME220 EPDM and ME501 Duo Window Membrane HD.

– Strong pre-formed moulded rubber reinforcing the corner detail
– Reduced risk of tearing of EPDM membrane
– Waterproof – zero leakage
– Airtight – no second membrane required
– Easy to use due to 3D shape formation of the corner
– Safe sealing of critical corner joints
– Single adhesive bond – no requirement for primers
– Avoids cutting and folding of membranes
– Compatible with illbruck ME220 & ME501 Membranes
– UV stable – for the service life of the attached membranes

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