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Technical Tapes

When selecting a tape, it can be daunting as there are so many things to consider: Environment, materials being bonded, surface texture, thickness of tape, stresses, UV exposure, temperature changes etc, etc. So this is why we have so many products within our range, but don’t let this worry you.

The following pages are a summary of most of these products, however once you think you have an idea of what you need or have no idea at all, just let us know and we will guide you. We have single and double sided tapes, foams, transfers and UHBs. Each product is designed with a different goal in mind. For example we have very low cost tissue tapes that are designed for shorter bonding periods, or we have structural tapes that can pass through powder coat, replace rivets and screws and last for 20 years plus. Whatever you need, we can help.