Simplefix & Snapfix Locators


SimpleFix & SnapFix Locators are a strong and durable sign mounting locator designed to offer a flush face mounted sign that can stand off of the mounted surface by up to 25mm.

They are also designed to cope with all external conditions such as Frost, UV and wind and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Available with White or Black Cups, SimpleFix & SnapFix locators come in three main sizes (small, medium and large). The beauty of the locator system is that not only can you mount a sign safe in the knowledge it is there for the longterm, but you can also easily remove when there is a need for change.

The INDASOL range of 2 Part Structural Bonding Adhesives have been developed to work with all locators to form a long term bond. For more information on this range, please visit our Structural Adhesives page.

High Tack Foam for most sign fixing applications
INDASOL 1800HS is a high performance foam tape that offers excellent shear and peel strength and is ideal for bonding medium weight signage externally. Designed to adhere to almost any surface, INDASOL 1800HS provides a strong, stable and long last flexible bond. It can be used externally and is available in a range of widths and thicknesses to suit. Being BSI approved, you can use this product with confidence on most signage applications.

Totally Clear 2 Part for Built up Letters
The INDASOL 800 2 Part Structural Adhesive has been developed specifically for use in the sign industry. Along with being used for applications such as locator bonding, tray making and other structural bonds, INDASOL 800 is best suited for making built up letters. Designed to offer a flexible yet structural bond, it also does not yellow over time and most importantly does not create a shadow when LED’s are illuminated behind the bond.

New UHB for LED, LSE and Powder Coating
To complement our already well established range of Structural Bonding UHB Tapes, we have added some new additions. These new products offer the same great performance and confidence, but with the added bonus of being able to either pass through powder coat, bond to very difficult surfaces or help take heat away from light and/or power sources such as LED modules. They come in a range of thicknesses and widths.

Making Priming Easy
To help get the best bond when using tapes, adhesives and UHB structural products, the use of primers is sometimes advised. One particular application is channel/rail fixing to the back of signs. This is a critical application and can be time consuming. To help make this process fast and easy, we have added a special primer bottle to our range. Still containing INDASOL PR100, this bottle allows you to apply a 20mm wide strip of primer, so it not only speeds the process up, but also make it more accurate.

SimpleFix & SnapFix locators can be bonded to all sign substrates, such as ACM, D-Bond, BCP, Wood, Metal, Plastic and Glass. INDASOL also supply tried and tested adhesives to cater for all of these applications.

Our adhesives are available in a range of sizes and each product has been carefully tested to ensure optimum bonding performance across all substrates.

For further details please either contact us below or visit our Liquid Adhesives page.  For full information regarding Best Practices and Application of our Structural Adhesives, please refer to our User Guide.

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