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INDASOL are a recognised and trusted name within the Sign Industry offering tailored bonding and fixing solutions to work with all types of Sign Making applications. Whether you are fixing channel to the rear of a sign, or stand off locators, hemming a banner or just fixing a foam sign to a wall, INDASOL have the answer.

Due to the changing raw material content and surface finishes of some substrates, it is essential that all of our adhesives and tapes should be tested by the customer to ensure substrate and performance compatibility for each application. Please contact us for any advice. We do not accept any liability for product failure.

The INDASOL UHB Acrylic Foam Range

Designed to give structural bond strength, replacing rivets, screws and adhesives.  With instant handling strength and invisible bond lines, it allows fast and effective structural sign making and sign fixing.

UHB CHANNEL FIXING TAPES – visit our ‘How To Guide‘ for more information.

UHB 9120G: Grey Acrylic Foam for cold weather bonding. Channel Fixing exceptionally good on powder coated metals, bare metals and composite boards such as BCP, Di-Bond, Alibond etc.

UHBSF18 Grey Acrylic Foam: designed as a low cost alternative to other costly structural tapes. Designed for Channel Fixing*, Tray Making*, Sign Fixing* and other structural bonding and fixing applications.

*We would always advise using UHB9120G for heavy duty fixing. Please contact us for full technical advice.


UHB 12100C Totally Clear Pure Acrylic:  for use on bare metals & plastics where an invisible bond line is required.

UHB 12110W White Acrylic Foam: exceptionally good on plastics and low surface energy substrates.

UHB21025W 0.25mm White Thermal Dissipation Tape: designed for mounting LED’s, Lights, Resistors and any other components where heat transfer is an issue.

UHB15000 Series:  A range of Low Surface Energy (LSE) Bonding Tapes, designed to tackle surfaces such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene and other difficult plastics.

UHB 25HT: transfer thickness, clear, bonds metal to metal prior to powder coating up to 260ºc temperature resistance.

UHB17000 Series:  A range of High Performance, High Temperature Pre-Powder Coat Bonding UHB products. Standard thicknesses are; 0.5mm and 1.0mm.

UHB18000 Series:  Approved for interior and exterior component bonding in the Automotive Industry.  These products can replace mechanical fixings for a faster and neater product finish.

Our UHB products are available in a range of thicknesses: 0.25mm, 1.0mm, 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm. Widths from:  5mm to 400mm. We can also tailor lengths in some cases from 3M to 2000M.

UHB PR100 Easy Application Bottle: designed to make priming easy, this new bottle has a sponge application head with a self-sealing centre plunger. When pushed onto the substrate, the plunger releases the primer into the sponge head, so as you travel along your bond line, the primer is deposited exactly where required. Once released the plunger seals and the primer stops flowing. Ideal for those on site jobs where you don’t want liquid being spilt or if you want to reduce the amount of primer you are using.

With all bonding (in particular UHB Structural), we recommend full surface preparation; from cleaning and abrading to priming.  As such, we offer Cleaners, Abrasives and Primers to suit your needs.

Please visit our INDASOL UHB Overview and Usage information on how to achieve the best bond.

Also visit our How To Guide for more information.


26895 Very High Tack Clear Acrylic Tape: for internal or external bonding to metal, plastic, glass wood and particularly good for Banner Hemming.

26913 Very High Tack White Acrylic Tape: for internal or external bonding to all plastics especially Correx and Foamex.

HD Scrim 0.7mm Thick Gel Tape: with a scrim weave for added stability. Excellent bonding to a wide range of surfaces including metal, plastics, woods and glass.

24210 Hand Tearable High Tack Acrylic Tape: for general sign making and fixing. Ideal for use on card, display board, foamex and light weight metals.

1713 Banner Stiffening Tape: is a high tack single sided semi rigid plastic tape. Applied to the reverse of the banner it allows the user the option of ‘no hemming’ and helps increase durability around the eyelet.


1800HS BSI Approved Foam Tape: Black or White Foam Tape.  Suitable for bonding to a wide range of smooth surfaces; including Glass, UPVC, Aluminium, treated Timber, etc.  Very high initial and long-term bonding properties make this product ideal for most sign fixing applications. Has a strong easy release blue film Liner.

7080A 1.0mm Thick Very High Tack White Acrylic Foam Tape: designed for internal or external bonding to painted walls, wood, foamex, ACM, metal and glass. INDASOL 2454 is the black version of 7080A. 


INDASOL 800: a 2 part TOTALLY CLEAR Structural adhesive. Benefitting from being flexible, non-yellowing and not creating a shadow when back lit and ideal for use in the Sign Industry when making built up letters. It will bond to most surfaces and has a fast drying curing system to help speed up production. Available in 50ml and 400ml cartridges, it exhibits a strong, flexible and long term bond across many applications.

Download Indasol 800 User Guide

Download Indasol 800 Technical Data Sheet

INDASOL 910LX: a 2-component high bond strength structural adhesive ideal for bonding metals, plastics, composites, GRP and wood and many other surfaces. It is particularly good on delicate surfaces such as ACM and thin acrylic due to it not creating any heat when curing = no read through.  Available in Black.

Download 910LX Technical Data Sheet

INDASOL 900 & 900BK:  the industry standard for fast setting, high load bearing 2 component adhesive. Developed to replace rivets, screws and welds, this product can cope with almost anything and bond to pretty much everything. It can even pass through a powder coat oven to replace mechanical fixings. Now also available in Black.

Download Indasol 900 & 900BK Technical Data Sheet

INDASOL 930 & 930LX: offers extremely high levels of bond and shear strength and works with both Snapfix and Simplefix locators. The LX means this product is also Low Exothermic, which means you can use it with confidence on substrates such as ACM, BCP and Di-Bond etc. Offered in both 50ml and 400ml tubes, 930-LX can also be a one for all structural bonding product as it will work on the same substrates as INDASOL 900.

Download Indasol 930 & 930LX Technical Data Sheet

INDASOL 2020E:  a totally clear adhesive offering a near seamless bond on plastics and glass. 2020E can be used on metals, however it is better on more porous or flexible materials such as plastic, wood etc.

Download 2020E Technical Data Sheet

INDASOL Rapid:  the fastest setting 2 part on the market providing excellent bond strength across almost anything such as metal, plastic, glass, GRP etc.. Rapid does generate heat when curing, so it is not advised for use on thin or delicate surfaces.

Download Rapid Technical Data Sheet

Ranging from low tack (removable) through to high adhesion for heavy duty long term bonds, we have a product that can cope with all manner of substrates either internally or externally.

Tensol 12 and 70:  Fast Bonding Clear Acrylic Adhesives. 12 is for internal plastic bonding and 70 is a more structural version and is ideal for external use.

Tensol 1212:  Alternative to Tensol 12.

Tensol 7070:  Alternative to Tensol 70.

Fusion: Water Consistency for fusing Acrylic to itself. Particularly good for use when assembling acrylic POS stands or Display Cases.

Cyanoacrylate:  known as Superglue, an economical fast bond to many surfaces and ideal for use on PVC profiles, Wood, Metal and Plastics.


SIGNBONDER:  The ‘one for all’ fast fixing Adhesive and Sealant that bonds to anything and offers a high weight loading bond and can even stick straight onto wet surfaces.  Available in black and white.

Crystal Clear:  totally clear MS Polymer for High Performance Bonding and sealing glass, metal, wood and plastics. This product offers amazing clarity on glass and clear plastics.

C27 High Performance Silicone Sealant: supplied in black, translucent or white. Ideal for general purpose sealing.

We also offer a complete range of accessories to complement these products, such as applicator guns and nozzles.

With all bonding, we recommend full surface preparation, from cleaning, abrading to priming and as such we offer Cleaners, Abrasives and Primers to suit your needs. Please visit our Cleaners and Primers page for full details.

For full information regarding Best Practices and Application of our Structural Adhesives, please refer to our User Guide.



This is our unique Sign Makers 3D High Density Urethane Foam. Allows you to route, carve and mill letters or shapes and then finish as you choose. So you can create a stone finish, wood grain, metallic or just a painted colour.

For more information, visit out SIGNBLOCK page. All of this can be achieved in whatever shape or size you desire.  Download our Using SIGNBLOCK brochure and for full details of Adhesives and Tapes to use with SIGNBLOCK, please see above.


SimpleFix & SnapFix Locators: are a strong and durable sign mounting locator designed to offer a flush face mounted sign that can stand off of the mounted surface by up to 25mm. They are also designed to cope with all external conditions such as Frost, UV and wind and come with a lifetime guarantee. Available with White or Black Cups, SimpleFix & SnapFix locators come in three main sizes (small, medium and large). The beauty of the locator system is that not only can you mount a sign safe in the knowledge it is there for the longterm, but you can also easily remove when there is a need for change.

SimpleFix & SnapFix locators can be bonded to all sign substrates, such as ACM, D-Bond, BCP, Wood, Metal, Plastic and Glass. INDASOL also supply tried and tested adhesives to cater for all of these applications. Our adhesives are available in a range of sizes and each product has been carefully tested to ensure optimum bonding performance across all substrates.

For full information regarding Best Practices and Application of our Structural Adhesives, please refer to our User Guide.

Visit our Adhesives page for full details.

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