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illbruck ME220 EPDM Membrane

illbruck ME220 EPDM membrane is used for weather sealing the connecting joint between a window or a façade & an adjacent structure, or to provide an internal air-tight barrier in a similar detail.

ME220 Usage/Purpose

If an internal and external membrane is required, in order to meet the principle of ‘inside tighter than outside’, ME220 should be located as the inner membrane and ME501 Duo Window Membrane HD as the outer membrane. This will ensure that the inner seal is more vapour tight than the outer which will facilitate drying out of any entrapped moisture between the two layers.


  • High resistance to mechanical damage
  • Excellent movement capability in both transverse and longitudinal direction with excellent material recovery after elongation
  • Excellent weathering, ageing and UV radiation resistance
  • Excellent moisture vapour barrier

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ME220 is an EPDM-based membrane used for sealing interfaces to provide airtight or weather tight seals. It is suitable for wide ranging application details. The material does not contain any solvents which could later migrate into adjacent surfaces.

PoTZUS- Certificate of detail installation compliance with:
CSN EN 12207 airtightness
CSN EN 12208 water resistance CSN EN 12210 wind loading


Membrane with embossed finish, wound on rolls and available in various widths. The membrane is available in different formats to suit required fixing method:
Slit to required width and fixed with proprietary illbruck contact or paste adhesives.
As above but with choice of gasket to locate to window/ curtain walling frames.
With acrylic and butyl self-adhesive strips for fixing to frame and construction substrate.*
*Available in 100 – 300 mm widths in 50 mm increments.

Roll length 25 m
Thickness 0.75 mm*
Width 50 – 1,500 mm
Cut rolls or full log 1,500 mm
*1.2 mm also available subject to minimum order quantity Standard width tolerance for cut dimensions approximately 1 mm, thickness tolerance approximately 10%.

Technical Information
Download datasheet for ME220