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Button Fix Type 3

Type 3 – Panel Fixing Made Easy

Type 3 Button-fix connects parallel panels with a straight push on/pull off action. Ideal for installations where the panel geometry does not suit the sliding engagement of the Type 1 fasteners and where there is no clearance around the panel.

Using Type 3 Button-fix:

Many applications of Type 3 are the same as the versatile Type 1 Button-fix, but where a push-on/pull-off engagement is required.

Type 3 Button-fix is ideal for:

• Wall and lightweight ceiling panels
• Boat interiors with irregular-shaped panels
• Acoustic panels including acoustic felt panels
• Upholstered panels, bed headboards and banquette seating
• Panels at the end-of-run or in tight corners on a Button-fix Type 1 installation, where sliding engagement is not possible