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INDASOL have a complete range of primers, designed to be used to give the best bonding and sealing finish.  To discuss your needs and answer any questions, please contact us on the details below.

Product range:

The following is a sample of the types of products we offer:

PR100:  the best UHB primer for high performance Structural Bonding using UHB tapes. See our UHB Tapes page for full details.

UHB PR100 Easy Application Bottle: Designed to make priming easy, this new bottle has a sponge application head with a self-sealing centre plunger. When pushed onto the substrate, the plunger releases the primer into the sponge head, so as you travel along your bond line, the primer is deposited exactly where required. Once released the plunger seals and the primer stops flowing. Ideal for those on site jobs where you don’t want liquid being spilt or if you want to reduce the amount of primer you are using.

SP450: IPA and UHB primer all in one. This is great for Semi Structural Bonding with UHB.

1960: specifically designed for use with our 2 part structural adhesives to prime and seal certain surfaces prior to bonding.

Our Structural Adhesives page has full details of these products.

Silane Glass:  for use on glass surfaces prior to tape or adhesive bonding. This helps the bonding product key into the glass for a long term secure bond.

SignBlock Polyester Primer: a 2-component spray high build primer designed for use with SignBlock to help create a solid surface finish prior to paint.

When working with Tapes, Adhesives, Sealants, UHBs or any bonding product, it is vital that the surface is cleaned correctly. Each surface needs to be free from dirt, grease and contamination prior to bonding. In some cases a primer may be required and it is critical that the correct primer is used. It may also be the case that light abrasion is required to help the bonding product key into the surface.

Due to the changing raw material content and surface finishes of some substrates, it is essential that all of our adhesives and tapes should be tested by the customer to ensure substrate and performance compatibility for each application. Please contact us for any advice. We do not accept any liability for product failure.

In some cases certain surfaces are not suitable for using the above primers. Please check with our Technical experts for compatibility.

When using UHB products, cleaning and priming is normally advised.  Visit our UHB Application Guide for more information.

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