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Vehicle Conversion Adhesives, Sealants and Tapes

Indasol’s range of adhesives and sealants are used widely across the campervan, motorhome, caravan and boating industry, including campervan conversion work.

Our products are used widely in Volkswagen camper conversions, also in Ford Transit, Mercedes V-Class, Vauxhall Vivaro and Fiat Ducato conversions. From activators and primers, to adhesives, sealants and tapes, Indasol’s range is the choice of industry professionals across the UK. Our products are used for campervan conversion work, vehicle interior trimming, headlining, fabrics, carpets, solar panels and more across a wide range of substrates, such as wood, glass, PVC and metals.

Vehicle Conversion Adhesives:

High temperature adhesive is often used when refurbishing the interiors of campervans, coaches, caravans, leisure homes, boats and other similar vehicles, so it’s perfect for campervan conversions. Ideal for use in vehicle conversion trimming applications – e.g. carpets, panel trims, headlinings, etc.

Tuskbond HH550 – High Heat Multipurpose Sprayable Adhesive

Tuskbond HH550 is popular as a camper van conversion adhesive. It is a high heat sprayable contact adhesive with heat resistance over 105˚C. Developed to bond a wide variety of substrates, it has a long open time and gives a fast and strong permanent bond with excellent heat resistance.  Tuskbond HH550 will bond wood, metals, rubber, fabric, most plastics, cardboard, polythene and concrete, as well as decorative laminates. It is ideal for permanent bonds that require good initial bond strength. It provides good temperature resistance and if protected from contamination has an open time of several hours. 

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Flexi GF248 – High Heat Trim Spray Adhesive Aerosol

Flexi GF248 can be used for Vehicle Interior Trimming, Carpets, Headlinings, Fabrics, Leather Seats, Door Panel Trims. Ideal for use in vehicle trimming applications such camper van conversion work. Flexi GF248 is a high heat spray adhesive, ideal for adhering wall lining carpet to wood or metal. It exhibits high temperature resistance up to 120 degrees C, and is extremely flexible. This trim adhesive is used in manufacturing or refurbishing the interiors of coaches, camper vans, caravans, motorhomes, boats and more.

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Indasol NC-FR-476 Non-Chlorinated (Class 0) Fire Rated Contact Adhesive

INDASOL NC-FR-476 is a premium non-chlorinated, flame retardant contact adhesive with an extremely high solids content, greatly reducing the risk of low coat weight. This fine web-spray adhesive is designed for permanent bonding of materials where immediate bond strength, water resistance and high heat resistance are required. Never before has a non-chlorinated spray adhesive achieved such a high British Standard for smoke, flame and toxicity testing, along with the 1 hour surface spread of flame test. It has been tested and passed BS476: Part 6.

It will bond a wide variety of substrates, including wood, metals, rubber, fabric, most plastics, cardboard, polythene and concrete, as well as decorative laminates. Ideal for permanent bonds that require good initial bond strength. It provides good temperature resistance, and if protected from contamination, has an open time of several hours.

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Structural Adhesives For Vehicle Conversions

High performing structural 2 part adhesives offer an alternative to traditional fixings where an invisible yet solid bond is required.

Vehicle converters use structural adhesives for challenging applications, often bonding dissimilar materials in high stress environments where there could be vibration and peel stresses on the joint, broad temperature ranges, impact, and heavy wear and tear.

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Vehicle Conversion Tapes

UHB Tapes

High Performance Structural Bonding Tapes that can replace rivets and screws in many applications. Available in clear and grey, these products offer great versatility for long term bonds such as panels and trim.

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When working with Adhesives and Sealants or any bonding product, it is vital that the surface is cleaned correctly. Each surface needs to be free from dirt, grease and contamination prior to bonding. In some cases a primer may be required and it is critical that the correct primer is used. It may also be the case that light abrasion is required to help the bonding product key into the surface.

Due to the changing raw material content and surface finishes of some substrates, it is essential that all of our adhesives and tapes should be tested by the customer to ensure substrate and performance compatibility for each application. Please contact us for any advice. We do not accept any liability for product failure.


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