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Liquid Adhesives

The INDASOL range of Liquid Adhesives have been specially formulated and selected to meet the demanding needs of today’s fast moving manufacturing environments. Ranging from low tack (removable) through to high adhesion for heavy duty long term bonds, we have a product that can cope with all manner of substrates either internally or externally.

Whether your application is seen as General Purpose or High Tech, we have a product to meet your needs.

Tensol 12

Fast Bonding Clear Acrylic Adhesive. Tensol 12 is for internal plastic bonding. Tensol 12 is a single component cement which hardens due to solvent evaporation to produce a clear bond in cast acrylic sheets.

Tensol 12 Product Details

Tensol 70

Fast Bonding Clear Acrylic Adhesive. Tensol 70 is a structural version and is ideal for external use. Tensol 70 2-Part Acrylic Cement is a two-part catalyst cement which cures at ambient temperatures to produce high strength bonds with acrylic sheet and offers excellent weathering resistance.

Tensol 70 Product Details

Indasol 1212

Alternative to Tensol 12. Indasol 1212 Plastic Welder is a single component structural acrylic adhesive designed to bond cast acrylic sheet with a bond strength that should always outperform the substrate.

Indasol 1212 Product Details

Download Indasol 1212 Technical Data Sheet

Download Indasol 1212 Safety Data Sheet

Indasol 7070

Alternative to Tensol 70. Indasol 7070 Structural Plastic Welder is a two component structural acrylic adhesive designed to bond cast acrylic sheet with a bond strength that should always outperform the substrate.

Indasol 7070 Product Details

Download Indasol 7070 Technical Data Sheet

Download Indasol 7070 Safety Data Sheet – Part A

Download Indasol 7070 Safety Data Sheet – Part B


Known as Superglue, an economical fast bond to many surfaces and ideal for use on PVC profiles, Wood, Metal and Plastics. We also supply these products in kit form (adhesive and activator) called MITRE KITS.

Cyanocrylate Product Details

Fusion – Acrylic Rapid Bonding Liquid

– Thin water-like product used for bonding Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC
– Grabs in seconds, cures in one hour

FUSION Product Details

Fusion 500 – Thixotropic Acrylic Adhesive

– A viscous one part adhesive
– Grabs in minutes, bonds in one hour

FUSION 500 Product Details

Fusion PVC Adhesive – Thin

– Developed as a rapid bonding adhesive
– Available in thin adhesive formulation

FUSION PVC Product Details

For full information regarding Best Practices and Application of our Liquid Adhesives, please refer to our User Guide.


When working with Adhesives and Sealants or any bonding product, it is vital that the surface is cleaned correctly. Each surface needs to be free from dirt, grease and contamination prior to bonding. In some cases a primer may be required and it is critical that the correct primer is used. It may also be the case that light abrasion is required to help the bonding product key into the surface.

Due to the changing raw material content and surface finishes of some substrates, it is essential that all of our adhesives and tapes should be tested by the customer to ensure substrate and performance compatibility for each application. Please contact us for any advice. We do not accept any liability for product failure.

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