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TensorGrip F11 HP Non-MECL Foam Bonding Adhesive Glue – 22 Litre Canister

TensorGrip F11 HP Non-MECL Foam Bonding Adhesive – 22 Litre Canister

As part of our FOAM & UPHOLSTERY range, F11 is a low-VOC, web spray adhesive that is moisture resistant. It is suitable for bonding carpet, foam, rubber, fabric and synthetic leather.

TensorGrip F11 NON-MECL LOW VOC is a revolutionary, high performance plasticiser resistant adhesive, specially formulated to bond all commonly used substrates found within the foam and upholstery industry. The F11 will bond vinyl, rubber, leathers and plastics, as in the past this was not possible because of the leeching plasticisers migrating from the vinyl’s causing delamination. F11 is unique due to it capability to bond foams and fabric single sided when in conjunction with nip rollers.

TensorGrip F11 22L Litre Canister Features:

  • 100% resistant to delamination caused by plasticiser migration
  • High temperature resistance – up to 155°C
  • Very Good Green Strength
  • Fast tack time
  • Super smooth web spray
  • Will bond many fabrics to difficult substrates.
  • Very high solids
  • Single sided bonding
  • Waterproof



What is Tensorgrip F11 Suitable For?

  • Carpet
  • Fabric
  • Foam
  • Rubber
  • Synthetic Leather

Tensorgrip F11 Technical Datasheet:

Download F11 Datasheet PDF

F11 Chemical Technical Data:

• Colour: Clear
• Flammability: Flammable adhesive / Flammable propellant
• Dry time: 3-5 minutes
• Open time: 20 minutes at 20˚C
• Coverage (sprayed): 280 sqm per 22ltr canister
• Temperature resistance: -30 to +155˚C
• SHELF LIFE: 12 months from date of manufacture