Simplefix Sign Locator Sockets

SimpleFix Sign Locator Sockets are a strong and durable sign mounting locator designed to offer a flush face mounted sign that can stand away from the mounted surface by up to 25mm. Manufactured in a UV stabilised Alkathene female cup, they are manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

They are also designed to cope with all external conditions such as frost, UV and wind and come with a lifetime guarantee.

SimpleFix sign locator sockets/cups come in three main sizes – small, medium and large. The beauty of the locator system is that not only can you mount a sign safe in the knowledge it is there for the long term, but you can also easily remove when there is a need for change.

Use with Simplefix Sign Locator Studs.

Bagged 250 Sockets.


Small – Length 17mm, Width 11mm

Medium – Length 18mm, Width 11mm

Large – Length 21mm, Width 14mm

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