INDASOL solves Zulu Signs ‘sign failure’

Zulu Signs has written in to Signlink Magazine (April 2017) and paid tribute to INDASOL.   The firm was able to help it resolve an issue it was having with the failure of LEDUHB21025W LED tape modules in sign fittings.

The company had been providing customers with an LED with tape already in place.  But, following reports that this system had been failing and, in some cases, dropping off, Zulu Signs sought help from INDASOL.

Matt Albert of Zulu Signs explains: “It turns out that the tape supplied is of poor quality and too thin to cope with the expansion and contraction of the LED that the surface is mounted to. Combined with the heat of the LED, thin tapes are not man enough for this job.

“We called INDASOL as soon as we started having problems.  They confirmed we were not the only ones to be buying in LEDs with this tape already in place. “After a few trials we settled on UHB21025W, which resolved the issue perfectly.  This will now be our tape of choice for all LED installations as it copes with the expansion issue and also helps take the heat away from the LED.”

INDASOL comment: “Zulu Signs was one of the first to report this problem to us and agreed for us to work closely with them to help resolve this issue.”