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Single Sided Tapes and Foams

The INDASOL range of Single Sided Tapes and Foams are as extensive as our Double Sided range. So whether you are looking for a general masking solution, a splicing tape or a tape to cope with extremely high temperatures, INDASOL have a product for you.

Manufactured to ISO standard from high quality materials, our tapes can be slit to widths from 3mm to 2000mm and wound to lengths from 5M to 2000M.  With our wide range of carriers and thicknesses, ranging from 0.25mm to almost any thickness.

INDASOL offer a full and extensive range of Single Sided Tape products to cope with applications ranging from Bag Sealing, Masking, Pipe Identification, Tamper Proof Sealing, Packaging, Pipe Sealing, Acoustic Sound Deadening and Lane Marking to name a few applications.

Slit from jumbo log rolls we are able to offer you the size and length to suit. We can also offer rolls in various lengths and can provide some products in your choice of colour.

Product range

The following products are just a flavour of the full range:

MTG – General Purpose Masking Tape: for most masking applications.

Download MTG Technical Data Sheet

MTE – High Performance Masking Tape: designed for easy removal without leaving residue.

Download MTE Technical Data Sheet

8850B – Very High Temperature Tape: designed for masking, flash breaking and specialist splicing, this product can cope with extremes of temperature and still remove cleanly.

Download Indasol 8850B Technical Data Sheet

465/90:  a strong single sided tape designed for use in the reinforcement of mirrors. Used on the rear of the mirror, 465/90 offers safety backing in the event of the mirror being broken. The product is tested as B.S. 6206 class B & C for mirror safety backing and conforms to BSEN 12600 2B2 and 2C2 (clear only).  465/90 can also be used to shore up broken windows.

Download 465/90 Technical Data Sheet

Aluminium Foil: our range of foils comprises of many different thicknesses depending upon the application. We also have a product with added scrim reinforcement to aid strength.

Waterproof Cloth: offered in a range of colours, our waterproof cloth tape is strong yet easy to tear. The adhesive coating is thick allowing for excellent adhesion to all surfaces.

Download Indasol Cloth Tape Technical Data Sheet

PVC Tapes: normally used for electrical wire work, PVC tapes are supplied in a range of colours. Widths are slit to your preference as with all of our tapes. We can also have these produced in stripped patterns for pipe and cable identification.

Download Indasol PVC Tape Technical Data Sheet

Fine-line Masking: When masking detailed areas or needing to follow contoured shapes, we have a range of fine-line masking tapes that can cope with the most demanding applications. Slit to widths as narrow as 4mm, these products can pass through paint curing processes and peel clean.

Download Indasol FLT Technical Data Sheet

1713 Banner Stiffening Tape: a high tack single sided semi rigid plastic tape. Applied to the reverse of the banner it allows the user the option of ‘no hemming’ and helps increase durability around the eyelet.

Download Indasol 1713 Banner Stiffening Tape Technical Data Sheet

Protection Tapes:

Whether you need to protect Glass, Metal, Wood, Plastic, Marble or even Carpet, we have a product for you.  AVANTI Tapes are part of the INDASOL Group and are the UK’s largest converter of these protection tapes.

Splicing Tapes:

INDASOL offer a full range of Technical Splicing Tapes designed to offer ease of use, fast and effective splicing and cost saving where possible.  From coloured visible single sided products through to High Temperature Double Sided Machine Splice applications, the INDASOL range caters for most Splicing applications.

The wide range of carrier materials such as Hand Tearable Masking Paper, High Density Polyester, Scrim Reinforcement, Foil or Semi rigid Plastics, mean we can tailor a product to suit your application and budget.

The reason for so many variants of carrier, thickness, density and adhesive makeup, is to ensure you get the right product for the job. INDASOL do the hard part and by understanding your needs, we can quickly offer the right product for your application.

Due to the changing raw material content and surface finishes of some substrates, it is essential that all of our adhesives and tapes should be tested by the customer to ensure substrate and performance compatibility for each application. Please contact us for any advice. We do not accept any liability for product failure.

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