Ramsol For Gyms: Heavy On Germs, Light On Hassle

All over the country, fitness fans are counting the days until their gyms can reopen, giving them a chance to get back into familiar routines, let off some steam and keep their fitness goals on track as well as providing some much-needed mental release.

Throughout the pandemic so far there’s been plenty of disagreement and controversy around gym closures, and there’s a valid argument for both sides.  Gyms provide a mental and physical health lifeline to many people that should not be overlooked in the middle of a massive health crisis – but they are also largely indoor environments where physical exertion (and all the associated huffing and puffing!) means there’s a significant risk of viral transmission, whether airborne or via surfaces.

Gyms have so many physical touchpoints ranging from handlebars on cardio equipment to free weights and even floor mats, that’s there’s huge potential for cross infection and outbreaks resulting from even a single positive case of Covid-19. Therefore, when they do reopen, safety will be a top priority.

So far in this pandemic, gym owners have faced big challenges on hygiene, specifically finding effective ways to minimise infection risk that don’t eat into their clients’ training time.  Since gyms are currently closed, it’s a perfect time for owners and trainers to explore other methods of sanitising that are faster and more effective than what they were previously using.

Let Ramsol do the heavy lifting

From our own research and the experiences of our existing customers, it’s common for gyms to adopt a strategy of manual cleaning combined with fogging to try and keep on top of hygiene.  This means the use of trigger sprays and disposable cloths to ensure machines and equipment are sanitised after every use, and intermittent fogging to sanitise the wider gym environment at regular intervals, usually daily.

These methods present some problems, however.  Firstly, manual wiping down of surfaces leaves room for error – especially if gym users are left to do this themselves after using the equipment.  The effectiveness of any disinfectant depends on two key things; application density, and contact time.  In order to achieve the level of efficacy stated on the label, the surface must be thoroughly wetted with the solution, and the solution must be left to work for the right amount of time – usually somewhere between 30 seconds and 5 minutes – before it can be wiped away.

Secondly, not all surface disinfectants are created equal.  A product that is fine for wiping metal hand rails and bars can wreak havoc on vinyl crash mats or foam handlebars, causing fading, cracking or peeling of these soft surfaces.

Fogging takes care of these issues, but raises another important one: exclusion time.  After fogging, a very fine disinfectant mist remains suspended in the air for up to 6 hours, making it unsafe to enter that space without a mask or respirator.  It’s possible for gyms to manage this by fogging last thing at night, but it’s not always convenient.

Ramsol sanitiser brings together all the simplicity of manual sanitisation with the thoroughness of fogging – and none of the drawbacks.  The optimised 20-micron spray is designed to provide full coverage on any surface, and kills bacteria, viruses and fungi in 5 minutes – the time it takes for the spray to dry.

There’s no need to wipe, and no need to stay out of the space for long periods, since the spray mist falls out of suspension in ten minutes.  With Ramsol you simply spray all surfaces, wait ten minutes, and resume activities as normal – a revolution in hygiene for gyms, as this process can easily be completed between sessions, or at regular intervals throughout the day for open gyms, without disrupting client activities unduly.

While we’re all looking forward to the end of lockdown, and hopefully the end of the pandemic once the nation has been vaccinated, it’s going to take a while to get there.  Even then, it’s highly likely that stringent hygiene practice for all public-facing organisations and venues is here to stay.

To find out more about how Ramsol sanitiser spray can improve hygiene and efficiency in your gym or leisure business, please get in touch.

Buying Ramsol From Indasol

Available in a Ramsol 500ml aerosol can and a Ramsol 22 litre canister with optional Ramsol 4m rubber hose and Ramsol spray gun. There is also a Ramsol trolley available for the 22 litre canister.

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