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Tuskbond HH550 – High Heat Multipurpose Sprayable Adhesive

Tuskbond HH550 is a high heat sprayable contact adhesive with heat resistance over 105˚C. Developed to bond a wide variety of substrates, HH550 has a long open time and provides a fast and strong permanent bond with excellent heat resistance.

  • High Temperature Contact Adhesive
  • Excellent Heat Resistance
  • Long Open Time
  • Excellent Bond Strength
  • SAFT Heat Tested 105˚C
  • 17kg Canister
  • 500ml Aerosol

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Data Sheets:

Tuskbond H550 Canister Technical Data Sheet
Tuskbond H550 Canister Safety Data Sheet
Tuskbond H550 Aerosol Technical Data Sheet
Tuskbond H550 Aerosol Safety Data Sheet

Product Description:

Tuskbond HH550 will bond a wide variety of substrates, including wood, metals, rubber, fabric, most plastics, cardboard, polythene and concrete, as well as decorative laminates. It is ideal for permanent bonds that require good initial bond strength. It provides good temperature resistance and if protected from contamination has an open time of several hours. Always test a small sample of the materials first to ensure the suitability of the product for the application. For instance, some vinyls contain large amounts of plasticizer which, over time, can migrate and soften the bond. When in doubt, test first. Do not use on flexible PVC or expanded polystyrene.


Solvent: Dichloromethane
Propellant: Hydrocarbon
Solids Content: (approx) 28%
Spray Pattern: Web
Colour: Clear or Red
Coverage: (17kg canister) ~ 128m2 VOC 718g/l
Heat Resistance: (SAFT) 105°C
Available Sizes: 17kg, 85kg