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TensorGrip M50 – Fast Dry Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

TensorGrip® M50 contact adhesive is a fast dry, non-chlorinated adhesive designed for all types of upholstery, seating and wall coverings for boat/yacht interior applications in the Marine industry. M50 has been developed with an exceptional high tack and long open time making it suitable for bonding a variety of materials including carpet, foams and fabrics and many others. M50’s aggressive high tack allows for single-sided bonding in low demand upholstery seating areas for seat backs and bases.

M50 Features and Benefits:

  • Extremely high-tack
  • Very fast-drying
  • Non chlorinated
  • Excellent green strength
  • Long open time between bonds
  • 22 Litre Canister, also available in a 500ml Aerosol

M50 Applications:

  • Carpet Tile
  • Fabric
  • Foam
  • Plywood
  • Synthetic Leather