illbruck ME012 Duo Window Fire Membrane

ME012 Duo Window Fire Membrane is a polyester based waterproof and airtight perimeter sealing membrane

Usage / Purpose
To provide a high performance breathable air and weather seal to the perimeter joint between the window / curtain wall and the external construction reveal that is permanently UV stable and has a Class B1 (DIN4102-1) & Class B – s3-d0 (EN13501-1) reaction to fire. Due to the fixed Sd value, the membrane is suitable for windows projecting from the sheathed and framed walls.

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Key Benefits

  • Fire resistant to Class B1 (DIN 4102) & B [s3-d0] (EN13501-1)
  • Highly water tight – does not allow driving rain to pass from outside to inside
  • Highly airtight to prevent unplanned air loss
  • Complies with “inside tighter than outside” in order to facilitate efficient vapour control
  • Excellent drying potential of the perimeter joint (due to the membrane’s vapour permeability) avoiding mould growth and physical damage
  • Permanently UV stable in open joints between cladding and window frame

Technical Data

Download technical datasheet for ME012