illbruck ME003 Vapour Barrier Membrane

illbruck ME003 is a 3-ply co-extruded PE membrane which has been developed as a vapour barrier.

Usage / Purpose

This innovative 3-ply co-extruded PE vapour barrier membrane meets virtually all the demands of professional practice and protects the construction and insulation by providing a vapour and air-tight seal. High-grade granulates are used as its main constituents, which does not lower the sd-value (vapour diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness). Consequently, this high-grade product offers comparable diffusion resistance properties to typical 160 μm PE vapour barriers, despite its lower thickness.

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illbruck ME003 Key Benefits

  • Straightforward application due to low weight
  • Flexible and tear-resistant
  • Highly vapour retardant
  • Compatible with illbruck intelligent window membranes and adhesives

Technical Data

Download illbruck ME003 Datasheet