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We are proud to have been asked to join this wonderful association, giving us the opportunity of providing our high class products and services to more Sign Makers across the UK and Ireland.

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Looking For Faster, Simpler Disinfection? Try Ramsol

Back in 2020 when we first launched Ramsol, we did so in response to a pandemic that we all thought might last a few months.  Now, 12 months later and with the whole of the UK still living under lockdown restrictions, it’s clear that the fallout from SARS-Cov-2 is going to last for a lot longer than first anticipated.

Until the entire global population has been vaccinated, this virus may continue to cause problems for many months, if not years, to come.  Faced with a prolonged need to minimise infection risk, many organisations are now reviewing the hygiene systems they put in place at the beginning of the pandemic.

Let’s be honest – we all know that surface disinfection is a must when it comes to tackling this virus, but it’s also a massive burden.  It’s eaten into financial, operational and manpower resources at a time when organisations of all shapes and sizes are already facing unprecedented challenges just to keep going.

Since we’re all going to be living with raised hygiene requirements for a long time, isn’t it about time to address these issues?  We can’t remove the need for surface sanitisation, but we can make it less of a burden, by making sure that the systems designed to deliver it slot seamlessly into our everyday lives, at home and at work.  That’s where we believe Ramsol is uniquely placed to make a difference.

Certified effective and safe

With Ramsol, efficacy and credibility have always been the top priority and we are rightly proud of its proven hygiene performance.  Accredited to BS EN 1276, 1650 and 14476, Ramsol is certified effective against bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2, norovirus, E.coli, streptococcus and pseudomonas.  It is also approved for use in both clinical and food preparation environments.

Alcohol free formula

High concentrations of pure alcohol are proven to kill most bacteria and viruses but disinfectant formulas containing alcohol also have significant drawbacks. As well as being highly flammable, alcohol causes damage to surfaces including staining and bleaching over time, and can be a skin irritant.

Ramsol is a highly effective biocide made without alcohol, using quaternary ammonium compounds. It is completely non-flammable and safe for use on both hard and soft surfaces.  The quick-drying spray formula does not cause water marks or staining and won’t fade or damage interior finishes, even with prolonged use.

Ready to use, high coverage

Ramsol is supplied ready to use with no mixing or measuring required.  It comes in two formats: a 500ml aerosol for individual use and a 22-litre portable spray canister offering up to 1000m2 of coverage for use in commercial, hospitality, retail and industrial settings.

100% portable, no power required

Ramsol is delivered via a pressurised system with no propellant and no external power supply required.  Unlike other systems, such as electrostatic fogging, this means there are no dangerous trailing leads and no need to stop while the gun is recharged.  Ramsol is ready to use at a moment’s notice, and goes anywhere thanks to its safe, non-flammable system – this includes applications in risky industries such as aviation and manufacturing.  The spray itself is suitable for use on both internal and outdoor surfaces.

Fast turnaround

Ramsol’s unique system delivers a fine mist with a 20-micron droplet size, which is larger than that of systems such as fogging, but still a very fine mist.  These larger droplets provide the same fast-drying, high coverage but because they are heavier, they fall out of suspension much more quickly.  Crucially, this means that with Ramsol, it is safe to re-enter a space that has been sanitised in as little as ten minutes – compared to as much as six hours after conventional fogging.

Furthermore, Ramsol leaves no unpleasant odour, and is quiet in operation, keeping overall disruption to an absolute minimum.

If you frequently find yourself wondering how you’re going to keep up with your current hygiene protocols for the next 12 months and beyond, then it’s time for a rethink.  Get in touch today and discover how Ramsol can simplify and speed up hygiene, leaving you free to focus on the real work!

Buying Ramsol From Indasol

Available in a Ramsol 500ml aerosol can and a Ramsol 22 litre canister with optional Ramsol 4m rubber hose and Ramsol spray gun. There is also a Ramsol trolley available for the 22 litre canister.

Please contact us for pricing and any questions that you may have about Ramsol. Volume discounts are available, so please email us at for details or call us on 0121 556 9900.

Safeguard The Staycation With Ramsol Spray Sanitiser

As the days start to get longer and brighter, the thoughts of everyone in the UK are turning to spring and summer and after a year living under the coronavirus cloud, it’s no surprise that millions of Britons are desperate to know whether or not they’ll be able to go on holiday this year.

There have been mixed messages from Government so far, with officials saying it’s too early to predict whether summer holidays abroad will be able to resume, and other countries such as Spain admitting it could be late summer before they reopen their borders to foreign tourists.  And then there’s quarantine to consider – few people will want to spend 10 days in a UK hotel at their own expense after returning from abroad.

All of this means that if holidays do happen on any significant scale this summer, it’s likely to be UK tourist destinations and accommodation providers that benefit.  Research agency Mintel is forecasting that some £7.1 billion will be spent on holidays at home between July and September 2021, compared to £5.8 billion in 2019. From resort hotels to Air BnBs, an industry that has been decimated by SARS-CoV-2 is pinning all its hopes for recovery on the rise of the ‘staycation’ in 2021.

This demand can’t come at a cost to progress on infection control, however.  The last thing the tourist industry needs is another lockdown, so while businesses are keen to make hay while the sun shines, they’re also determined to do it within careful parameters.

For holiday accommodation providers and hospitality businesses, the most important of these parameters will be surface hygiene.  Scientists estimate that SARS-CoV-2 can live on surfaces for as much as a few days if not eliminated through disinfection, which creates huge potential for cross-contamination within hospitality settings, even if occupancy is reduced and social distancing strictly observed.

All the things we love to do on holiday – meals in restaurants, drinks at the bar, amusement parks with the kids – carry a risk in terms of surface contamination that will need to be addressed by frequent, thorough decontamination of any and all surfaces that the public comes into contact with.

In accommodation settings, it’s going to be vital that rooms and apartments are effectively disinfected as part of each changeover in occupancy – and this means all surfaces, not just bathrooms.  It’s not hard to imagine why this is going to create big challenges for large hotels and companies with high volumes of visitors, and small or privately-run businesses with limited time and resources to devote to cleaning.

What the tourism industry needs this summer is a way to keep on top of Covid-19 that slots effortlessly into their day-to-day operations, facilitating fast and effective disinfection of all surfaces, with minimal disruption.

Ramsol offers a simple, cost effective solution that’s easy for any business to implement and safe to use in any setting, whether that’s a deluxe hotel, a private holiday let or a tourist attraction.

For faster accommodation turnovers

Cleaning tourist accommodation is a big undertaking at the best of times, but adding in a requirement that all touchpoints in a hotel or apartment must be sanitised daily, or between occupants, puts a massive burden on staff.

Ramsol reduces this burden with simple, effective disinfection.  The pressurised canister with its simple hose and gun allows the user to deliver a continuous spray to cover large surface areas effectively, in the minimum amount of time, with no need to wipe – just spray and leave for optimal efficacy.

Ramsol requires no power supply, so there are no trailing leads and no recharging stations.  This makes it ideal for tricky locations ranging from busy hotel corridors to boutique apartments and even caravans or campsites. It’s suitable for both hard and soft surfaces, which means you can quickly and effectively disinfect almost any environment in a single swoop, including surfaces, carpets and soft furnishings.

Ramsol also helps to facilitate faster turnarounds by reducing the exclusion time often required by other methods of large surface disinfection, such as electrostatic fogging.  Fogging creates a mist so fine that it can hang in the air for up to six hours, meaning that the space has to be vacated for this length of time.  Ramsol has an optimised 20-micron spray density, which falls out of suspension quickly and delivers excellent surface contact that dries in less than ten minutes.  This allows for frequent disinfection that won’t disrupt your day to day operations – it’s a final, easy step in your room turnover process that requires no special training for staff.

For communal facilities

Hotel lobbies, dining rooms, stairwells, lifts and bathrooms are all communal areas with a high throughput of people and as such, can pose a significant infection risk if not sanitised regularly.  Method is really important for these locations – manual disinfection using cloths and trigger sprays is safe to do while the area is in use, but takes a lot of time and carries a risk of human error – for example, if a surface is missed, or the required contact time for your chosen disinfectant is not observed.  Other forms of disinfection, such as fogging, mean you have to keep people out of the area for long periods, which just isn’t practical. Ramsol offers the benefits of both and the drawbacks of neither – fast, convenient application that kills germs effectively, reduces the risk for human error, and allows people to carry on having a good time without interruptions or restrictions.

Ramsol is also safe for use in food preparation areas, which means it can be used throughout hospitality and tourist settings, simplifying your overall hygiene processes.

For on-the-go sanitising

One of the best things about getting away from it all is enjoying the great outdoors and even though infection risk is reduced when we are outside, it’s not eliminated altogether – especially where hard surfaces are concerned.

SARS-CoV-2 can live on handrails, outdoor furniture, doorways, on public transport and in lots of other places where people are always on the move, which means these areas must be sanitised regularly throughout the day without causing a hazard to the public.  Ramsol is a completely portable, non-flammable system that can go literally anywhere and works both indoors and out.  This means it’s ideal for sanitising public spaces – whether that’s the handrails at the seafront, the rides at an amusement park, a street food kiosk or a public transport hub.

To find out more about how Ramsol can benefit your tourism or hospitality business this summer and beyond, get in touch!

Buying Ramsol From Indasol

Available in a Ramsol 500ml aerosol can and a Ramsol 22 litre canister with optional Ramsol 4m rubber hose and Ramsol spray gun. There is also a Ramsol trolley available for the 22 litre canister.

Please contact us for pricing and any questions that you may have about Ramsol. Volume discounts are available, so please email us at for details or call us on 0121 556 9900.

Spring Is Coming: Adapting For A New Season Of The Pandemic With Ramsol

There’s no mistaking that extra hour of daylight in the evenings, and even though it’s still cold and wintry, the sight of snowdrops and daffodils poking their heads above the soil tells us that spring is on its way at last.

The arrival of spring spells the end of the flu season, which is a key reason our hospitals have been under such intense pressure during this second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, and why we’re still in lockdown.  As the weather warms up and the ‘regular’ germs recede, and with the Covid vaccination programme continuing, there’s real hope that the arrival of a new season will also bring a bit of normality back to our lives.

But if we’ve learned anything over the past year it’s that SARS-CoV-2 loves us to get complacent and thrives when we lower our guard.  So while we’re yearning for those everyday luxuries like hugs from our loved ones, dinner at a restaurant and days out with the kids, let’s remember that they are all conditional upon us doing everything we can to keep the virus in check in our everyday personal and working lives.

As we’ve already seen at the end of the first wave, when cases start to reduce there’s a massive temptation to think ‘we’ve done it’ – the worst is over, we can go back to normal.  But this virus has shown incredible resilience and an ability to mutate that has resulted in new variants popping up all over the world.  Since it will take years for the global population to achieve a significant level of immunity, it’s now clear we will be dealing with this virus for at least that long.  If we want our economies and our communities to recover, this means we can’t afford to take our eye off the ball.

Right now, everyone is feeling pretty fed up with all the extra hygiene and mask-wearing that Covid has inflicted upon us and the thought of keeping this up for years is pretty overwhelming.  But we’re adaptable creatures, us humans, and we’ve learned to live with things like this before.  The most recent example is perhaps the huge increase in airport security post-2001.  Remember those endless queues, the new restrictions, how inconvenient and invasive it all felt – even though we knew the measures were there to keep us safe?  Surely this would never be ‘normal’?  And yet now, it is – and a big part of that is the work that’s been done to streamline these extra security measures so that they remain effective, while also having a minimal effect on people’s everyday lives.

Covid security also feels inconvenient and invasive at the minute, and it’s hard to imagine that we can keep this up indefinitely.  But smart hygiene systems like Ramsol are designed to make hygiene processes slot effortlessly into your daily routines for effective protection that doesn’t feel like a massive chore.

Ramsol is a simple, 100% portable system with zero setup time which means it’s ready to use at a moment’s notice, no matter what industry you’re in.  You can use it on any surface, which means there’s no need to move furniture or electronic equipment out of the way before use.  It doesn’t need a power source, so you never have to worry about where you can use it or if it needs to be recharged.  And it’s so easy to use that you and your staff don’t need any special training or equipment, just some basic PPE.

Ramsol is designed to streamline your disinfection processes by eliminating laborious manual cleaning and lengthy exclusion times.  Simply spray and leave to kill 99.999% of germs in five minutes – and a further five minutes later, it’s safe to reoccupy your space thanks to Ramsol’s optimised spray density, which falls out of suspension fast.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this sounds too good to be true – surely a product that’s so simple to use isn’t hefty enough to eliminate a potentially deadly virus?  Wrong!  Ramsol is validated by 4 BS EN standards that confirm its status as an effective bactericide, virucide and fungicide.  It’s approved for use in domestic and clinical settings, as well as food preparation environments.

As we head into spring and the future beyond, we have to keep hygiene front and centre – but that doesn’t mean it has to take over our lives.  To find out more about how Ramsol can streamline your hygiene processes for simple, manageable routines, get in touch.

Buying Ramsol From Indasol

Available in a Ramsol 500ml aerosol can and a Ramsol 22 litre canister with optional Ramsol 4m rubber hose and Ramsol spray gun. There is also a Ramsol trolley available for the 22 litre canister.

Please contact us for pricing and any questions that you may have about Ramsol. Volume discounts are available, so please email us at for details or call us on 0121 556 9900.

Ramsol Disinfectant Spray – Why Size Matters For Disinfection

Getting up to speed on infection control has been a pretty steep learning curve since the beginning of this pandemic – for some more than others.

Those working in clinical or sterile environments, or involved the facilities management or hygiene sectors, were already well-versed in the technicalities of BS EN standards, which products could actually kill a virus and what disinfectant to use for which surface.

But many people and organisations outside these sectors found themselves in the middle of a crisis with little or no concrete knowledge about how best to tackle a virus that threatened their livelihoods – and lives.

Over the past 12 months our nation as a whole has become much more clued-in about infection control, and from the hospital cleaner to the corner shop assistant, we all now know a lot more about the key ways to keep a virus in check.  As we move forward, the focus is shifting towards infection control that is not just effective, but also practical, convenient and sustainable.  For businesses, that means finding solutions that minimise operational downtime caused by hygiene processes – and that’s why a conversation on spray density feels timely.

What is spray density and why does it matter?

Spray density refers to the size of the tiny droplets that are created when a liquid is forced through a narrow spray nozzle or atomiser, which causes the liquid to break up into droplets.  The diameter of the nozzle and the pressure of the liquid passing through it will determine the droplet size or density.  Think about everyday products – for instance, the trigger spray you use to clean your kitchen worktops has a large spray density because it’s pressurised only by the force of your hand operating the pump, and the nozzle diameter is quite large.  But other sprays – especially the aerosols we use for products like deodorant and air freshener, are highly pressurised using propellants inside the tin, and have tiny nozzles – so the spray that comes out is very fine in density.  Spray density is measured in microns – or millionths of a metre.

Spray density affects the way that a liquid disperses over a surface, and also how long it remains suspended in the air after spraying.  So again, if we think of those household products – when you use a trigger spray in the kitchen, the product makes wet patches across your worktop with repeated spraying, and if you spritz it into the air it settles on the work surface very quickly, in visible droplets.  But when you spray that air freshener, the product creates a cloud that quickly spreads throughout the space – within a few seconds you’ll be able to smell it metres away, and if it settles on surfaces at all, it does so in a very fine veil.

OK, enough about air freshener.  What does this mean for disinfectant?

There are lots of disinfectant spray systems on the market, ranging from manual trigger sprays to aerosols, electrostatic foggers and continuous mist systems like Ramsol.  All of these different systems deliver different spray densities that affect their suitability for use in different areas, and the efficacy of the disinfectant itself.

A key point to remember is that a disinfectant only works when the specified contact time is observed.  You must apply enough product to cover the surface, and you must leave it there for long enough to kill germs.

Disinfectant sprays with a very large density, such as trigger sprays, are generally only suitable for manual cleaning because they require manual action to spread the product effectively over the surface, and also to wipe away any excess – otherwise they would take a very long time to dry, which could be hazardous. But the need for manual action after application vastly increases potential for error in that the solution is often wiped away before the requires contact time has elapsed, dramatically reducing efficacy.

Disinfectants with a very fine spray density, such as electrostatic foggers, deliver excellent coverage over large surface areas and don’t require manual action.  However, a bit like that air freshener, it can be difficult to control the spread of this very fine vapour, and it remains in the air for a long time.  As a result, fogging is not suitable for use in ‘live’ environments – spaces should be closed off, and only the fogging operative allowed in wearing PPE to prevent inhalation of the disinfectant, or contact with the skin and eyes.  Because that spray will hang around in the air for up to six hours, nobody can go back into that room or space until this time has elapsed.

What about Ramsol’s spray density?

Ramsol sits in between the two, with a spray density of 20 microns.  When developing the product, this was carefully engineered so that Ramsol could help users sidestep one of the biggest drawbacks of spray disinfection – exclusion time.

At 20 microns, Ramsol’s spray mist is much finer than a trigger spray.  It disperses widely over surfaces to give excellent coverage that can penetrate into awkward areas, leaving a fine veil that doesn’t need to be wiped away.  It’s dry in five to eight minutes, depending on conditions.  Ramsol’s droplets are larger and heavier than the mist delivered by a fogging system, which means that they fall out of suspension much more quickly.

These factors make it much easier to control the way Ramsol spreads within a space.  Simply closing the door of an office or classroom means the mist won’t travel beyond, allowing activities to carry on while small, individual spaces are sanitised.  For larger or open plan spaces, people need only be excluded from the area for the duration of application and the subsequent ten minutes it takes for the mist to dry, and fall out of suspension.

The benefits of this are clear – Ramsol allows organisations of all kind to achieve fast, effective disinfection of their spaces with minimal disruption and downtime.  And that’s why spray density matters.

For further details about Ramsol and its use in your business or organisation, get in touch.

Buying Ramsol From Indasol

Available in a Ramsol 500ml aerosol can and a Ramsol 22 litre canister with optional Ramsol 4m rubber hose and Ramsol spray gun. There is also a Ramsol trolley available for the 22 litre canister.

Please contact us for pricing and any questions that you may have about Ramsol. Volume discounts are available, so please email us at for details or call us on 0121 556 9900.

Making Schools Safer With Ramsol

Up and down the country, there’s one burning question on the minds of parents and professionals alike – when will the UK’s schools reopen?

The closure of primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities has been one of the most disruptive aspects of the pandemic, with educational and social effects that will continue to be felt for many years to come.

Children have missed out not just on learning, but on free school meals and also the social and mental health nourishment school provides, while parents have struggled to juggle their working lives with the demands of childcare and home schooling.  Many have had exams cancelled after months, if not years, of preparation.  Students have been left with massive bills for tuition fees and accommodation, without getting any of the face-to-face teaching and the carefree, independent life experiences higher education is supposed to offer.

For the wellbeing of children, young people, families and our economy, it’s vital that schools and other education establishments are reopened as soon as it is safe to do so.  And when they do reopen, it’s vital that these settings are equipped to minimise infection risk, avoiding further closures until such times as the impact of the UK’s vaccination programme starts to be felt.

While some larger schools and universities may be able to avail of facilities management services, the majority have had to fend for themselves since the beginning of the pandemic, relying on existing human resources and limited guidance from education authorities in terms of the best ways to tackle surface hygiene.

The challenge in schools

Like any busy environment, a typical school provides SARS-Cov-2 with a plethora of places to lurk, from handrails and door handles to computer keyboards and cafeteria tables.  It’s vital that these surfaces can be sanitised at regular intervals throughout the school day without disrupting teaching and learning activities.  For this to happen, speed and safety of disinfection are paramount.

A large number of schools will undoubtedly have been relying on laborious manual cleaning to try and stay on top of the infection risk, using conventional trigger sprays and wiping down surfaces throughout the day – a mammoth task.

Some will also have invested in fogging equipment that enables them to decontaminate their interiors more thoroughly when the school day is over – but since SARS-CoV-2 can live on surfaces for hours, even days, at a time, fogging a space when students are at home does little to stop them spreading the virus when they’re in school.

Ramsol offers a sustainable, safe alternative to both these methods that can reduce the amount of time spent cleaning without compromising on hygiene, and without any disruption to the school day.

Hygiene anywhere, any time

Ramsol is a highly effective virucidal and bactericidal disinfectant applied using a pressurised system that delivers a continuous spray onto surfaces.  Its alcohol-free formula is suitable for use on both hard and soft surfaces, and doesn’t need to be wiped off – simply spray and leave.

Ramsol’s spray density has been carefully engineered to 20 microns, which is light enough to give excellent surface coverage and penetrate into cracks and crevices, but heavy enough to fall out of suspension in around 10 minutes.  This means that unlike fogging, Ramsol doesn’t require a long exclusion time after use, and this means that it can be safely used during school hours – for instance, to disinfect classrooms between periods, or to sanitise gym equipment after use.

Ramsol is also fully portable with no power supply required.  The 22-litre canister delivers up to 1000m2 of coverage and can be mounted on a handy wheeled trolley for ease of use.  There are no trailing leads to pose a trip hazard, and there’s no need to recharge the system, so it’s always ready for use.

With several key BS EN validations including BS EN 14476, BS EN 1276 and BS EN 1650, Ramsol offers proven performance that’s safe to use anywhere, including food preparation areas – a big plus for busy school kitchens.

Ramsol is also available in 500ml cans, which are ideal for staff to use on desks and chairs if they need to move between classrooms, or simply for on-the-spot hygiene wherever required.  Last but not least, Ramsol is safe – it’s 100% non-flammable, and approved for use in food preparation areas, which makes it a truly versatile solution for hygiene that can be used everywhere from the canteen to the science lab.  You don’t need a maths A-level to know that this adds up to faster, easier hygiene, which is exactly what schools will need when they reopen.

To find out more about Ramsol and how it could help your school or college stay on top of hygiene after lockdown, please get in touch.

Buying Ramsol From Indasol

Available in a Ramsol 500ml aerosol can and a Ramsol 22 litre canister with optional Ramsol 4m rubber hose and Ramsol spray gun. There is also a Ramsol trolley available for the 22 litre canister.

Please contact us for pricing and any questions that you may have about Ramsol. Volume discounts are available, so please email us at for details or call us on 0121 556 9900.

Ramsol: Convenient Hygiene is Sustainable Hygiene

Fatigue is a word we’re hearing more and more in reference to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and it’s certainly a feeling most of us will recognise.  In the early days of the pandemic, everything was new and whilst it was a frightening time, as a nation we felt highly motivated to do what we could to tackle the problem.

As the months have gone on, fatigue has set in.  We’re tired of hearing bad news, tired of talking about coronavirus, tired of social distancing, tired of sanitising our hands and surfaces – the list goes on.  The virus, meanwhile, never gets tired; it has taken full advantage of our fatigue and slipping standards, and caused the current critical situation that has us all in lockdown for a second time.

Here at Ramsol, we’ve talked before about the concept of ‘sustainable hygiene’.  This doesn’t mean sustainable in the environmental sense (although as sanitiser systems go, Ramsol is among the most eco-friendly), but rather about our ability to carry on with the current level of hygiene standards and protocols for an indefinite period of time.

When the pandemic first began, people were thinking short term; we hoped that the worst would be over in a matter of months and were prepared to go to any lengths to protect life in the interim period.  But as time has gone on, it’s become clear that SARS-CoV-2 is going to be with us for a very long time – and suddenly the hygiene protocols that seemed manageable in the short term feel like an albatross around our necks.

In order to be truly sustainable – and by association, truly effective – hygiene systems must be simple and convenient to use.  This is particularly true when dealing with a virus, since we can’t inoculate surfaces against it; the only way to prevent onward transmission is to clean those surfaces thoroughly, and often.  There are lots of incredibly effective products out there that will kill this virus, but many of them are simply not practical when we’re talking about sanitising surfaces many times each day.

This sustainability factor becomes really significant for environments with a high throughput of people, or large surface areas to be sanitised.  Transport hubs, gyms, schools and offices are classic examples of both – spaces where lots of people come and go throughout the day, and with lots of touchpoints like handrails, screens, furniture, lifts and equipment that add up to massive surface areas needing to be disinfected.  Manual cleaning with a trigger spray and cloth isn’t sustainable in these spaces, because it’s too time consuming and there’s too much margin for error.  Fogging may not be suitable either, because this method has a long exclusion time that’s impractical for busy, 24-hour environments.

That’s why we believe Ramsol offers a sustainable alternative for long-term infection control.  With its innovative ‘spray and leave’ formula and game-changing delivery system, Ramsol makes it quick and easy to disinfect large areas in a short amount of time.  There’s no special training required, no need to wipe down and no lengthy exclusion time – simply apply using the spray gun and portable canister, leave to dry for ten minutes, and you’re done.  Ramsol’s optimised spray density is designed to give full coverage for effective decontamination that falls out of suspension quickly and dries fast.

The sheer simplicity of the Ramsol system means it slots effortlessly into your existing disinfection processes.  There’s no complicated setup, no time-consuming procedures and no fiddly parts to break down.  Existing users love its fuss-free performance, which means they’re less likely to cut corners in the long term as a result of fatigue.

Ramsol’s formula is alcohol-free so it’s safe to use on all surfaces while also being proven effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould – efficacy that’s validated by several BS EN standards.  The system is non-flammable, with no power supply required, which means it’s completely portable and safe to use anywhere, including food preparation and industrial settings.

As we face a future where SARS-CoV-2 will be endemic in our society, many businesses and organisations are re-evaluating whether the systems they’re currently using are practical for the long term.

Buying Ramsol From Indasol

Available in a Ramsol 500ml aerosol can and a Ramsol 22 litre canister with optional Ramsol 4m rubber hose and Ramsol spray gun. There is also a Ramsol trolley available for the 22 litre canister.

Please contact us for pricing and any questions that you may have about Ramsol. Volume discounts are available, so please email us at for details or call us on 0121 556 9900.

Ramsol Sanitiser – The Future Of Office Hygiene

The past year has transformed office culture.  It’s hard to believe that just 12 months ago, millions of people every day would cram themselves into buses and trains or travel hours by car, to crowd into huge offices teeming with people, and share everything from phone handsets to handrails to kettles with barely a thought for hygiene.  Ignorance, in many ways, was bliss.

We can never go back to that world.  The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has highlighted in brutal fashion the ways in which our old lifestyle left the door wide open for infection to take hold and we’ve all witnessed the fallout on many levels, not least economically.

But it’s not just the threat of future pandemics or new viruses that will inform future hygiene strategy in the workplace.  Over the past 10 months we’ve seen vastly reduced levels of ‘ordinary’ sickness in places like schools and offices where coughs, colds, flu and tummy upsets would ordinarily have resulted in significant absenteeism every year.  It’s proof that hygiene works – and the associated cost savings and increased productivity are outcomes that all employers will be keen to maximise as we work our way out of a major downturn.

So what’s next for office hygiene?

Currently, a national lockdown means that many office workers are at home, zooming from their home offices or producing reports at the kitchen table.  It’s a perfect time for business owners and office managers to reassess their hygiene strategy – especially for smaller businesses without the luxury of contract cleaners or facility management to fall back on.

For those businesses that are essential and therefore still open during lockdown, emphasis on infection control can take its toll on day-to-day operations – again, particularly for those without professional cleaning backup.  It’s vital that these businesses can access simple, effective disinfection systems that remove guesswork and are easy to implement, with no special training or equipment required.

In both scenarios, it’s about looking to the long term and a future where the elevated levels of hygiene vigilance we’ve seen over the past year will simply become the norm.  It’s about finding infection control measures that offer good protection with minimal effort and disruption to business operations – practical systems that integrate effortlessly with existing cleaning routines and that can be sustained indefinitely, without draining resources.

With Ramsol, businesses of all shapes and sizes can access professional quality infection control in a format that’s fast and easy for anyone to use.  For small to medium-sized businesses that don’t have access to contract cleaning, this means securing the same peace of mind as large corporations with professional cleaners coming in every day to eliminate germs.

Ramsol is available in two formats – a 22-litre, pressurised canister and a 500ml spray.  Both deliver a fine mist of alcohol-free disinfectant designed to offer excellent coverage on any surface, with no need to wipe.

Ramsol’s optimised spray density means the mist falls out of suspension in just 10 minutes – all you need to do to eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi from your workplace is spray and leave to dry.  The large canisters are ideal for routine large area disinfection on things like hand rails, doors, walls, lifts and furniture while the smaller cans offer a convenient solution for disinfection of personal workspace including phones, computer keyboards, desks and chairs, giving individual employees autonomy over hygiene in the spaces they use most.

Ramsol is 100% portable and totally safe – there’s no power supply needed so no trailing leads, and the system is non-flammable which means it’s safe to use in any setting.  The formulation is safe to use on both hard and soft surfaces and won’t cause textiles and vinyls to fade or perish, as well as being certified food safe which means it’s fine to use in kitchens and break areas.

With the rollout of a vaccination programme underway, the end of this pandemic is in sight.  Although the corporate world will bear the scars for decades to come, we believe better hygiene standards is a positive lesson, albeit learned the hard way.

To find out how Ramsol can make better office hygiene a silver lining, not a cloud, get in touch.

Buying Ramsol From Indasol

Available in a Ramsol 500ml aerosol can and a Ramsol 22 litre canister with optional Ramsol 4m rubber hose and Ramsol spray gun. There is also a Ramsol trolley available for the 22 litre canister.

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Ramsol For Gyms: Heavy On Germs, Light On Hassle

All over the country, fitness fans are counting the days until their gyms can reopen, giving them a chance to get back into familiar routines, let off some steam and keep their fitness goals on track as well as providing some much-needed mental release.

Throughout the pandemic so far there’s been plenty of disagreement and controversy around gym closures, and there’s a valid argument for both sides.  Gyms provide a mental and physical health lifeline to many people that should not be overlooked in the middle of a massive health crisis – but they are also largely indoor environments where physical exertion (and all the associated huffing and puffing!) means there’s a significant risk of viral transmission, whether airborne or via surfaces.

Gyms have so many physical touchpoints ranging from handlebars on cardio equipment to free weights and even floor mats, that’s there’s huge potential for cross infection and outbreaks resulting from even a single positive case of Covid-19. Therefore, when they do reopen, safety will be a top priority.

So far in this pandemic, gym owners have faced big challenges on hygiene, specifically finding effective ways to minimise infection risk that don’t eat into their clients’ training time.  Since gyms are currently closed, it’s a perfect time for owners and trainers to explore other methods of sanitising that are faster and more effective than what they were previously using.

Let Ramsol do the heavy lifting

From our own research and the experiences of our existing customers, it’s common for gyms to adopt a strategy of manual cleaning combined with fogging to try and keep on top of hygiene.  This means the use of trigger sprays and disposable cloths to ensure machines and equipment are sanitised after every use, and intermittent fogging to sanitise the wider gym environment at regular intervals, usually daily.

These methods present some problems, however.  Firstly, manual wiping down of surfaces leaves room for error – especially if gym users are left to do this themselves after using the equipment.  The effectiveness of any disinfectant depends on two key things; application density, and contact time.  In order to achieve the level of efficacy stated on the label, the surface must be thoroughly wetted with the solution, and the solution must be left to work for the right amount of time – usually somewhere between 30 seconds and 5 minutes – before it can be wiped away.

Secondly, not all surface disinfectants are created equal.  A product that is fine for wiping metal hand rails and bars can wreak havoc on vinyl crash mats or foam handlebars, causing fading, cracking or peeling of these soft surfaces.

Fogging takes care of these issues, but raises another important one: exclusion time.  After fogging, a very fine disinfectant mist remains suspended in the air for up to 6 hours, making it unsafe to enter that space without a mask or respirator.  It’s possible for gyms to manage this by fogging last thing at night, but it’s not always convenient.

Ramsol sanitiser brings together all the simplicity of manual sanitisation with the thoroughness of fogging – and none of the drawbacks.  The optimised 20-micron spray is designed to provide full coverage on any surface, and kills bacteria, viruses and fungi in 5 minutes – the time it takes for the spray to dry.

There’s no need to wipe, and no need to stay out of the space for long periods, since the spray mist falls out of suspension in ten minutes.  With Ramsol you simply spray all surfaces, wait ten minutes, and resume activities as normal – a revolution in hygiene for gyms, as this process can easily be completed between sessions, or at regular intervals throughout the day for open gyms, without disrupting client activities unduly.

While we’re all looking forward to the end of lockdown, and hopefully the end of the pandemic once the nation has been vaccinated, it’s going to take a while to get there.  Even then, it’s highly likely that stringent hygiene practice for all public-facing organisations and venues is here to stay.

To find out more about how Ramsol sanitiser spray can improve hygiene and efficiency in your gym or leisure business, please get in touch.

Buying Ramsol From Indasol

Available in a Ramsol 500ml aerosol can and a Ramsol 22 litre canister with optional Ramsol 4m rubber hose and Ramsol spray gun. There is also a Ramsol trolley available for the 22 litre canister.

Please contact us for pricing and any questions that you may have about Ramsol. Volume discounts are available, so please email us at for details or call us on 0121 556 9900.

Covid Safety At Vaccination And Testing Centres With Ramsol Sanitiser

It’s almost a year since SARS-Cov-2 started to make its presence known in the UK and in terms of society and our economy, it feels as if things haven’t moved forward much.

But of course, that’s not true – because a vaccine, which was just a faint hope back in the spring of 2020, is now a reality.  In a massive and unprecedented feat of scientific endeavour, experts developed and tested a vaccine faster than it’s ever been done before, and as a result, there’s light at the end of this long and arduous tunnel.

A mammoth challenge

First, though, there’s the small matter of procuring and delivering that vaccine to a population of almost 67 million people.  It’s a mammoth task that will take many months to complete, and during this time there’s still a very real risk that the virus will continue to spread.  Therefore, a vaccination programme must go hand-in-hand with a mass testing programme, which we’re just starting to see being rolled out to key workers without Covid symptoms, in a bid to identify and isolate asymptomatic cases.

While mass testing and vaccination are without doubt our best hope of bringing this pandemic to an end, they are not without risk.  Bringing large numbers of people together, even for health procedures, goes against everything we’ve been advised to do over the past year and has required careful thought by planners in terms of how to make the process as safe as possible.  It’s no surprise that hygiene protocols are central to the strategy.

While contactless testing is a possibility, contactless vaccination is not and it’s here more than anywhere that fast, effective hygiene is essential to ensure that maximum number of people can be vaccinated in the shortest possible time.

Speed and safety, without compromise

Ramsol is an ideal surface disinfection system for any area with a high throughput of people, facilitating speed and safety all at once.  Supplied in a 22-litre pressurised canister or a 500ml aerosol spray, Ramsol is easy to apply with no specialist training required – simply spray surfaces thoroughly, leave to dry for 5-8 minutes, and that’s it.  There’s no need to wipe down, and since the 20-micron spray density drops out of suspension quickly, exclusion times are reduced to just ten minutes.  This means that vaccination booths can be regularly disinfected when in use, without slowing down throughput.

Ramsol’s convenience is backed up by genuine efficacy credentials – it’s a proven bactericide and virucide that complies with BS EN 1276, BS EN 13697, and BS EN 14476, which means it’s suitable for application in a wide range of settings, including clinical environments.

Ramsol is also safe and highly portable – the system is 100% non-flammable and requires no power supply so it’s ideal for use in outdoor or mobile locations, with no trailing wires to cause a trip hazard and no need to hold up progress while you recharge the spray gun.  One 22-litre canister provides up to 1000m2 of coverage and the formula itself is alcohol free so it’s safe to use on all surfaces, including textiles and vinyls, without staining, fading or cracking.  Last but not least, Ramsol has a pleasant fragrance, making it ideal for use in public-facing locations.

For further information on the ways that Ramsol can support infection control in high-volume public spaces such as test centres and vaccination clinics, get in touch.

Buying Ramsol From Indasol

Available in a Ramsol 500ml aerosol can and a Ramsol 22 litre canister with optional Ramsol 4m rubber hose and Ramsol spray gun. There is also a Ramsol trolley available for the 22 litre canister.

Please contact us for pricing and any questions that you may have about Ramsol. Volume discounts are available, so please email us at for details or call us on 0121 556 9900.