UHB Structural Tape

The INDASOL range of UHB Structural Tapes offers unrivalled levels of performance, durability and cost. Manufactured to ISO standards and outperforming many other brands in the market, our UHB give you confidence with every application.

The INDASOL UHB acrylic foam range, designed to give structural bond strength, replacing rivets, screws and adhesives, instant handling strength and invisible bond lines, allows you fast and effective structural sign making and sign fixing.

UHB 9120G:  Grey Acrylic Foam for cold weather bonding, Channel Fixing, exceptionally good on powder coated metals, bare metals and composite boards, such as BCP, Di-Bond, Alibond etc…

UHBSF18: Grey Acrylic Foam designed as a low cost alternative to other costly structural tapes. Designed for Channel Fixing*, Tray Making*, Sign Fixing* and other structural bonding and fixing applications

*We would always advise using UHB9120G for heavy duty fixing. Please contact us for full technical advice.

UHB12100C:  Totally Clear Pure Acrylic for use on bare metals & plastics where an invisible bond line is required

UHB12110W: White acrylic Foam – exceptionally good on plastics and low surface energy substrates

UHB21025W – 0.25mm White Thermal Dissipation Tape: designed for mounting LED’s, Resistors and any other components where heat transfer is an issue

UHB15000 Series:  A range of Low Surface Energy (LSE) Bonding Tapes, designed to tackle surfaces such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene and other difficult plastics

UHB25HT: Transfer thickness, clear, bonds metal to metal prior to powder coating up to 260ºc temperature resistance

UHB17000 Series:  A range of High Performance, High Temperature Pre-Powder Coat Bonding UHB products. Standard thicknesses are; 0.5mm and 1.0mm

UHB18000 Series:  Approved for interior and exterior component bonding in the Automotive Industry, these products can replace mechanical fixings for a faster and neater product finish

Our UHB products are available in a range of thicknesses 0.25mm, 1.0mm, 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm and widths from 5mm to 400mm. We can also tailor lengths in some cases from 3M to 2000M.

For full information of Best Practice and Application, please refer to our Guide.

Slit from master logs, we can offer widths as narrow as 5mm up to 400mm and in some cases, lengths from 3M to 2000M. The products are produced with high performance, ultimate quality and cost in mind and have been developed to work with the evolving materials faced in manufacturing, fabrication and installation today.

With all bonding (in particular UHB Structural), we recommend full surface preparation, from cleaning, abrading to priming and as such we offer Cleaners, Abrasives and Primers to suit your needs. Please refer to our Cleaner and Primers page for full advice on which cleaning, priming or preparation system is best for you.

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