Double Sided Tapes and Foams


The INDASOL range of Double Sided Tapes and Foams, are as extensive as our Single Sided range. So whether you are fixing paper to cardboard or a 30 foot high metal sign to a building, INDASOL have a Technical Tape for every application.

Our range of double sided tapes cover all bonding applications and substrates offering a high performance, durable long term bond.  Manufactured to ISO standard from high quality materials, our tapes can be slit to widths from 3mm to 2000mm, wound to lengths from 5M to 2000M and with our wide range of carriers, can be offered in a range of thicknesses from 0.25mm to almost any thickness.

The reason for so many variants of carrier, thickness, density and adhesive makeup, is to ensure you get the right product for the job. INDASOL do the hard part and by understanding your needs, we can quickly offer the right product for your application.

The following products are just a flavour of the full range:

1800HS BSI Approved Security Glazing Foam Tape: Black or White Foam Tape, suitable for bonding to a wide range of smooth surfaces; including Glass, UPVC, Aluminium, treated Timber, etc.  Has a strong easy release blue film Liner.

24210/2 – High Tack Solvent Acrylic Tissue Tape: ideal for Point of Sale work with paper, card and light weight metals and plastics

26895/7 – High Tack Solvent Acrylic on polyester carrier:  ideal for medium weight metal and plastic, ticket strips for Point of Sale and Banner Hemming

HD Scrim – Reinforced scrim rubber adhesive gel tape: ideal for fixing of internal signage, medium weight semi structural internal fixings and bonding to correx

UHB – Pure high mass acrylic gel tape: very high weight loading and ideal for structural bonding to replace rivets, welds and screws in many applications including signage fabrication, data cabinet fabrication etc

7080/90 – High Tack Solvent Acrylic Foam Tape:  for general bonding, fixing and fabrication of most materials, such as wood, card, plastics, metals and glass.

TLX GOLD – A scrim reinforced high performance rubber: specially formulated to work with polypropylene roofing membrane.

9660 – This is what is know as a Perm/Peel: basically it is Permanent on one side and Peelable on the other.  This is normally used for temporary promotions where a quick and residue free removal is needed.

The wide range of carrier materials such as hand tearable tissue, high density polyester, scrim reinforcement or even transfer and high mass products that have no carrier at all, mean we can tailor a product to suit your application and budget.

The adhesives systems used are also varied depending upon the end use of the product, such as hot melt rubbers, high performance acrylics, modified acrylics or water based emulsions.

Tapes and Foams can also be presented in a wide range of styles. Such as flush edge, fingerlift, die cut, bobbin or sheets.

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